Carrying on in a New Direction

Desertislanders is back, everyone!

In fact, it was never intended to have fallen off the radar like it did. This continues to be my pet project–one i feel compelled to make into a reality of sorts, but as we all know, life happens.

While I’ve been not posting for–what is it now? A year-and-a-half?–I’ve gone on a few adventures worth reporting, but have overall been generally busy beginning my own family. This is awesome news, because not only am I absolutely in love with my baby girl, but I now have a next generation to share my adventures with, much the way Dad shared his with me!


Baby Alexis and I on a day-trip back to Cathedral Gorge back in January.

I’ve also been giving some thought to what I want Desertislanders to be. Bear with me, because I’m throwing in a totally strange twist for an adventure blog:

That’s right. Tarot cards.

Now this is more for me than anything. I’m combining some of my interests here in future posts by throwing in a new element, making Desertislanders serve multiple purposes. Don’t worry, though! The main content will remain as accounts of my adventures in past and present. It is my hope, however, that some of you will enjoy the tarot aspect as much as I do, and that perhaps it brings together a more diverse group of readers, so I’ll be adding a small paragraph about meanings and symbols behind the cards as well! All cards will be a combination of traditional symbolism, and details from my own personal travels. Each one will relate to a particular location, and will be showcased in the entry about that location. Sounds fun, right?

Whether you put much stock into tarot cards or not, I hope you can enjoy them on some level. I personally enjoy the symbolism, and the way a tarot reading can open one’s mind to new ways of mentally processing situations. But perhaps some of you experience a more psychic connection to your cards. If so, that’s amazing!

Many posts following this new routine are in the works. In the meantime, feel free to let me know your thoughts!


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