What is Desertislanders?


A caricaturization of the Desertislands brothers, Dave and Ryan, with us, the young pre-Desertislanders.

Desertislanders gets its name from the 1998-2008 hobby/travel website Desertislands: Exploring the Great Basin.logo_2006

My dad, Dave, and Uncle Ryan took it upon themselves to experience the oddities and awesome natural wonders of Western Utah and and Nevada firsthand. Anything from ghost towns to epic fishing spots, state parks, caves and strange formations were documented on their website with details of experiences, tips, directions, and personal photos. Naturally this was an extreme influence on our senses of adventure. We went along on a good portion of trips through the vast desert, and both longed to go on even more despite that we were only kids, and often too careless to bring to a cliff’s edge or an old mining town full of rusty equipment and gaping holes in the ground.

I was recently reflecting on just how cool those experiences were, and how, with time, the ghost towns will be destroyed, landscapes developed, and the possibilities of seeing them again as they were, lost. I wanted to give others the opportunity to see these places as I see them, which mean more than going, seeing, and snapping a few pictures. In order to give the same sense of adventure as I get firsthand, we must retrace the steps of the past now, document firsthand experience, and grant access to the way we remember it before, through storytelling and art, for exploring the Great Basin at  more personal level.

We are our own Indiana Jones’, our own boldly adventurous hero’s in the stories we tell. And what makes them even better is that they are 100% nonfiction. True to the way we remember (which I admit gets skewed in the eyes of a child or an adrenaline-filled creative). But there is no better way to discover the Great Basin’s treasures than with imagination, an eye on the past, and an eye on reality.



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